Hossam Mourad

Stuff I read, watched and heard (#1)

September 27, 2022

I was reading Jacob’s post about stuff he read, and it struck me that I also read, watch, and listen to lots of things during my week that I could share with other people. I’m also a frequent visitor of Jason Fried’s blog, and he has a similar series called “Heard Something, Read Something, Saw Something”.

I remember two years ago complaining that I wasn’t reading enough. Look at me now. Anyway, here we go. Four things I read, watched or heard last week that I found interesting enough for you to check out.

Learning is Remembering by Petros Christodoulou: A much-needed reminder of the importance of memory. I have always considered my memory to be bad. But if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t spend enough effort memorizing things. I used to spend most of my day daydreaming not paying enough attention to what was happening. I’m trying to get rid of this bad habit. What I liked about that post is how the author started with a realistic example of the problem of learning depending only on the short-term memory capacity. Depending on memory is considered a taboo for some reason in some circles. It’s hard to depend on your memory when everything is a Google search away. But I agree with the author that investing in memorizing important things is a good investment.

The Money or the Title? by Louie Bacaj. The tech industry can be a rat race that makes you forget what you want out of employment. Chasing titles is cool and it puts you higher in some social pyramids, but it’s not what most of us should look for. Being an employee (or even if you work for yourself) is a simple equation = you add value to the company (or your customers) + the company (or your customers) gives you money so you become financially stable. Nothing less, nothing more.

This Weekend in Startup: Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke on navigating a downturn, innovating in compensation & more: I’m a big fan of how Tobi runs Shopify. An analogy he mentioned in that video is that working in a company is not like being part of a family, it’s more like being a part of a professional sports team. I can’t think of a better example. The compensation tool Shopify created to give agency to employees is definitely something worth observing. I hope it goes well for them (Tobi himself is not even sure it’s the right solution, as he mentioned in the video).

Basecamp: How we run Product Strategy using Basecamp. This is how most software demos should go. No fluff. No marketing nonsense. No unnecessary hype music. Explain how your software solves problems with real-world examples.